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Providing High-Quality Pediatric Dental Care, Tailored to Each Child

For Dr. Urmi Amin and her team, nothing is more rewarding than earning a child’s trust and setting them on the path to a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles!

For over 20 years, we have had the opportunity to serve toddlers, children, teens, and special needs youth, helping each achieve optimal oral health. Beyond those healthy smiles, we teach our patients why it’s important to care for their teeth and how to keep their mouth healthy.

Our goal is for our patients to mature into young adults who are comfortable in the dental environment and empowered to maintain beautifully healthy and confident smiles!

Our Approach to Children’s Dental Care

Safe and Nurturing: Dr. Urmi and her team place each child’s physical, mental, and emotional health at the forefront. This is what we would do for our own children: each is unique, with their own needs, concerns, and understanding of the world, and they deserve our respect and empathy.

Individualized Care: It is our responsibility to learn how best to meet the child where they are, right now, and to build connections with them. That means taking our time, respectfully listening, engaging in a fun and encouraging manner, and ensuring the child knows they are safe.

Building Trust: Starting with the first visit, we spend time chatting with the little one. We show them around the office, explaining what we do and the tools we use. Children, even those who are worried, tend to be curious and we encourage their questions. By taking the unfamiliar and making it understandable, we can remove the fear of the unknown.

We are all kind and patient, happy to chat about superheroes, princesses, and a little one’s latest adventures. Not only do we love learning what the child thinks and what’s important to them, this helps show the little one that we are listening and care what they have to say. In turn, they feel more secure and trusting, which creates opportunities for us to teach and guide.

Prevention and Teamwork: Preventive dental care, nutritional guidance, and establishing good habits is core to what we do. By stopping problems before they start, and addressing issues early, we can head off many future dental problems.

Rather than lecturing, we work with the family and child to identify areas of concern and then provide practical guidance. We want parents to be part of their child’s dental care and invite them to accompany their little one during visits. This helps the child feel safe and ensures open communication between parents, Dr. Urmi, and her team. Parents deserve to be fully informed of their child’s dental concerns, to understand all treatment options, and to make knowledgeable decisions about their child’s smile!

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Dr. Urmi and her team look forward to welcoming your young family members to our San Carlos, CA children’s dental family. We’d be honored to be your partners, as your little one grows up with a healthy and happy smile, and a passion to maintain that smile, for life!

We serve toddlers through teens from Belmont, Redwood City, San Mateo, and surrounding communities and would be honored to serve your child, too! Schedule an appointment, today!